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The largest online music database platform Discogs has reached yet another milestone, getting over 1 million cassettes listed on its marketplace. This great achievement happened last Monday 11th October after reaching this number for the first time. Discogs, who also reported a huge increase in vinyl sales last year, is now seeing a resurgence of the traditional audio recording formats. In fact,

Dutch pioneer and inventor, Lou Ottens had many successes during his life and is noticeably known for inventing the cassette tape while he was working to oversee the new products research and development department at Phillips. Lodewijk Frederik Ottens, who has born on 21 June 1926 sadly passed away on 6 March 2021 aged 94 in his hometown of Duizel, Netherlands. In his esteemed position at Phillips,

UK cassette sales doubled in 2020, according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). 2020 was a great year for UK music consumption all across the board. For starters, music-streaming hit an all-time high among streaming platforms, in part due to the national lockdowns. Bringing the total number of streams up from previous years by 25.1 billion across the UK.  Geoff Taylor,