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The French artist simply known as Charlotte is a true powerhouse. Mastering multiple skills such as modeling, writing, photography and of course music, Charlotte is not one to be underestimated in any way, and she has proved that everything she touches turns to gold. With a string of successful tracks under her belt, she has well and truly dominated the music industry

The multitalented Charlotte has returned with yet another astounding production following her house masterpiece "Viens Me Chercher". The French model, dancer, and singer has signed with Gun Records to release her brand new song "Je Ne Pouvais M'arrêter De Danser", perfectly ending her highly impressive 2017 campaign. The track opens up with a combination of soothing melodies and a catchy beat,

French singer, producer, model, and writer Charlotte is known for her unique ability to tackle any new challenge with precise accuracy. Whether it's performing in front of a massive crowd, or releasing hit singles like her biggest hit “La Vie La Nuit", she's one of the industry's most versatile artists. With constant work being published, all of these attributes and

Charlotte is one of France’s brightest and most versatile talents in the business. She has achieved success in several different realms, from writing books to modeling. Though, one of her best attributes is her sensational ability to sing, which she showcased tremendously in her latest production. For her newest single, Charlotte releases her blissful dance track titled “La Vie La Nuit”.