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This past Friday, the German-Russian producer Zedd shared an exciting message for all his followers on his twitter what might be one of the most unexpected and biggest bombs of the year. He will be teasing a brand new collaboration with the one and only Dutch prodigy Martin Garrix. These news coming just when we reach the end of the year, has

One of the world's most renowned producers is back with yet another sure to be chart topper. Anton Zaslavski has returned with a new hit, and the Russian-German DJ is showing no signs of resting through 2019 with this incredible track. Zaslavski is more widely known as Zedd, producer of 'Clarity', 'The Middle', and 'Stay The Night', and his latest

Did you know that one of the most successful DJ and producer of Electronic Dance Music played in a Metal band in his youth? Yes, Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, was a Metalhead when he was younger. Luckily for all EDM enthusiasts, the German with Russian ancestors changed his mind just in time. Zedd demonstrated his extraordinary talent for music production

Following a painful period of teasers on his social media accounts, Zedd has finally revealed what fans have all been waiting for. With images of the outdoors and Los Angeles featuring on his socials, Anton Zaslavski (Zedd) has been building huge anticipation for his avid followers, who have been waiting for a huge announcement. That announcement came,with Zedd In The

A highlight of the Grammys came in the shape of a very special music video premiere as Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey’s new song, “The Middle” aired to viewers, with much hype surrounding the release from the German producer. Taking things down a more pop and radio-friendly route, Zedd's latest track is clad with a flurry of dancers as Morris belts out the vocals, whilst

Having established himself as one of EDM's biggest names, Zedd has played at numerous festivals all across the world, gaining a huge following in the process. Now, the popular producer has taken to his official Twitter account to bare a preview of his brand-new single, in the same way he did when previewing his track 'Get Low' featuring the vocals