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Clawdeeoh & Valoramous have just released a new collaborative single entitled 'Coming Home' featuring Weldon. Having met back in 2019, Clawdeeoh & Valoramous have shared an immense love for EDM in addition to both having served in the U.S. Military, and in another ironic twist of fate- both happen to be from the same state of Texas.  The album artwork for

Receiving support from Pete Tong on one of your first track's and seeing it as the Essential New Tune just a couple of months into your production career is something that very few, if any people can say. For ZHU, however, it was just part of the journey that took him from an anonymous producer releasing tracks on Soundcloud, to

England’s drum and bass duo, Sigma, has produced yet another hit from their new album titled ‘Life’. Having several collaborations for their debut album, the two artists join forces with prominent British singer and songwriter Rita Ora for their latest single “Coming Home”. This new release takes listeners to an oscillating emotional ride, consisting of the marvelous piano piece and the

Paris based producer, Arno Cost can never be silent for too long, due to his talent that delivers tune after tune. This time, he is receiving a vocal treatment coming from James Newman, getting released on Armin Van Buuren's ever growing Armada sublabel, Armada Trice. The french talent has dropped a melodic bomb, with high summer vibes injected by the stunning melody