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Up-and-coming American producer Buku has just dropped another head-banging track titled "Control". Featuring the Pittsburgh native's signature bass sounds and his modular synthesizer, this record is set to dominate any dance floor in the future and is now available for a free download. "Control" opens up with a scintillating buildup of synths and beats. Alongside some repetitive vocals, the track culminates

Styline is a name more than familiar to the We Rave You radar. Enjoying a notable rise within electronic dance music this year, his output has been one of the most impressive from an emerging artist into the spotlight of the genre. Originating from his own passion and efforts, the self-made success has now attracted some major attention and turned reputed

Styline, the originator of the Power House sound, has recently been on an exceptional streak in terms of his music productions. This German artist is coming off a highly successful release alongside one of the world’s best tech house masterminds, Phunk Investigation. Together, they created the dark and mysterious “Protest”, which Styline followed up with another single that possesses an underground