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Around six weeks after releasing their ‘Soundtrack by Twitch’ catalogue, Twitch has announced a message regarding certain copyright issues. Many major organizations in the music industry have expressed their deep frustration with this live-stream platform because of its repeated action of turning a blind eye to their users’ implementation of unlicensed songs in their uploaded videos. This has led them

The mega popular social network Instagram, has now added a brand new music copyright infringement feature for its livestreams so it warns the user before continuing with more severe measures like taking the stream down or muting it. This new pop-up has been unveiled after the huge amount of livestreams that have been going on during quarantine, and the requests from labels

According to the website '', french superstar David Guetta received a lawsuit for six million dollar. The dj is accused of copyright violation on one of his latest hits: Dangerous. The federal lawsuit was moved by Andre Dudek, who claims that the #1 hit of the famous dj is identical to one of his songs, dated back to the '80s, entitled 'Illuminations'.