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The mega popular social network Instagram, has now added a brand new music copyright infringement feature for its livestreams so it warns the user before continuing with more severe measures like taking the stream down or muting it. This new pop-up has been unveiled after the huge amount of livestreams that have been going on during quarantine, and the requests from labels

William Sami Etienne Grigahcine, known professionally in the electronic music scene as DJ Snake, is a Grammy-nominated producer that fans have come to love. The French DJ who mixes both electronic music and hip-hop debuted on the scene back in 2013 where Diplo released his track 'Bird Machine' on his Los Angeles-based record label Mad Decent. However, DJ Snake is being sued for copyright over one of his most notable

In the wake of Soundcloud‘s continuing controversies regarding copyright material and channel strikes, some good news for DJs have finally emerged. In an interview held with Soundcloud CTO and co-founder Eric Wahlforss, German publication Groove discovered that new negotiations have allowed the streaming site to now host complete DJ mixes without restriction. In a statement provided to Groove, Wahlforss stated: Previously, because you could only

It is back and its glazed with controversy. French Tropical House artist Zimmer has had a blistering career on his way up to the top tier of the Tropical House genre. Being one of many purveyors of chill or tropical mix-tapes for listeners to enjoy, he has developed quite a fan base and is one of the artists on France based