The highly renowned homestay-based online marketplace Airbnb has recently introduced a brand new anti-party technology in the United States and Canada. This initiative follows the company's previous announcement which permanently placed a ban on organizing any parties on properties rented through the platform. According to Airbnb, the anti-party system will consider a lot of factors for a particular guest before arriving

The nightlife in Helsinki is all set for a major boost as the covid restrictions in the capital of Finland were finally lifted on Monday, February 28. Following the likes of several European countries, Finland has also lifted the precautionary social distancing measures and mandatory vaccination requirements for nightclubs and events. The nightlife industry around the globe has been in

Following the likes of Finland, Denmark, and Norway, the Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson, the director-general of the Swedish Public Health Agency, Karin Tegmark Wisell, and minister of social affairs Lena Hallengren have collectively announced that the country will witness the upliftment of a majority of the covid restrictions starting from February 9th. This automatically serves as a piece of positive news

With current Covid restrictions due to expire on the 16th January, event organisers in Denmark are demanding clarity on what measures are to come next. Since the 19th December, many venues across the country were forced to close their doors in attempt to curb rising "Omicron" cases. While the Danish government offloaded various funding schemes to keep entertainment organisations afloat over

The Netherlands health minister Hugo de Jonge has proposed a vaccination plan which will see a total of six vaccine doses rolled out across the population through to 2023. In a letter written to the Parliament on Wednesday, de Jonge has strongly recommended that the Netherlands government consider additional booster shots. Three doses have already been rolled out across the country,

Starting Monday, Quebec will ban dancing in nightclubs in order to prevent the spread of the Omicron, the newest variant of the COVID-19 virus. As we gear up to go into year two of the COVID-19 pandemic due to numerous variants of the virus developing; nightlife, concerts, and gatherings have been forced to reconsider restrictions as cases continue to surge.  This

Nightclubs and other night-time venues in the Republic of Ireland can officially open their doors at 100% capacity. Although clubs reopened early September at a 60% capacity and other restrictions in place, this lifting of restrictions see clubs full for the first time in almost 20 months. The Irish government previously stated that the lift of restrictions would only come into

Indoor Berlin clubs could potentially reopen as soon as this weekend, says the city's club commission.  The reopening would only allow attendees who show proof of both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or who have recently recovered from the illness. The announcement comes following an announcement made on August 20th that the current COVID restrictions (which included the banning of indoor dancing)

For the first time in 18 months, Canada is opening their doors to US-based artists to begin performing on the countries stages. Since March 18th, 2020, Canada has closed off its borders for Americans and permanent residents but is ready to begin welcoming them back if they are vaccinated. This is especially great news for touring American acts, as they will

The New York City Nightlife Council has proposed legalizing alcoholic beverages in public parks. The proposition was introduced this past Monday, in addition to the suggestion that bars be allowed open until 4:00am. In an argument for the suggestions, the council stated that due to the pandemic, which the world is still very much in the midst of, the allowance for use