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Although the country of Italy was meant to be lifting many restrictions on the 1st of February which included the reopening of Nightclubs and other nighttime venues, due to an agreement reached by ministers on Monday, the lift of restrictions will now take place on a delayed date of the 10th of February at the earliest. The move comes as

In a recent press conference, France Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions will begin on February 2nd, with nightclubs able to reopen their doors starting February 16th. This move is a positive sign for France as all nightclubs had to close just last month, ultimately canceling all New Years' parties. Castex said that the control of the

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has been ongoing for almost 2 years now, the spread of harmful misinformation on social media platforms continues at the forefront of news headlines. Streaming giant Spotify is the newest company to come under fire for misinformation as 270 US scientists, doctors and other healthcare professionals write an open letter criticising misinformation on The Joe Rogan

The Irish government has just announced that they will be able to pay "basic income" to nearly 2,000 artists.  The fund that will allow for artists to receive this type of payment comes from a project entitled 'Basic Income To The Arts Project', and vouches for entertainers such as DJs, musicians, and actors alike.  The project was created in order

The past few weeks the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been battering the European continent and forced governments to introduce new restrictions which of course affects the live music industry before anything else, this includes the closure around Europe of nightclubs and other nighttime venues.   Portugal is one of the latest countries to introduce restrictions, passing over 10,000 cases each day,

As the world continues to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, and countries impose different restrictions throughout the world, low attendance at music events remains an issue that promoters are trying to solve. A recent report from The Guardian finds that an estimated 40% of people are no longer attending the shows for which they have purchased tickets. However, the leading