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Over 130 cultural venues have reopened illegally in Belgium, more specifically in the Wallonia and Brussels regions, to protest against the new restrictions adapted by the local government. Although the European country recently started allowing and backing up test events, they still have not provided an opening plan for organisers and show promoters. For this reason and after 6 months of inactivity, on

Barcelona has celebrated a successful non-socially distanced COVID-19 show in front of 5,000 people. After the announcement on early March, and tickets selling out fast within just three days, the event finally took place with great success. The organisers already call this concert an 'historic event'. With this trial concerts, the local organisers Festivals per la Cultura Segura (Festivals for Safe

The Catalan government-backed organisation Festivals per la Cultura Segura in Barcelona (Festivals for a Safe Culture) has organised and sold out a 5,000 capacity non-socially distanced show set for March 27th. The concert, which will welcome the legendary group Love Of Lesbian will be taking place at the iconic Palau Sant Jordi. After the experiment led by Primavera Sound PRIMACOV, which successfully put