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We know very few artists that have that personality, position, character and power to become true legends for the quality of their music, their leadership in innovation, their ability to inspire multiple generations and their ability to keep their icon status over time. Those artists with the capacity to sell-out arenas gathering people from everywhere in the world while showcasing

When British trio Above & Beyond played London's iconic O2 Arena in November, no sooner had the final flickers of the group's final song echoed around the dome, before a bright light illuminated the arena, shining from the LED screens behind the now-departing trance triplets. Teasing their next London date, the poster, clad in the spherical primary colours of the 'Common

Undoubtedly the biggest player in the UK dance festival game, Creamfields is a true juggernaut of the music industry, with the Daresbury-based event celebrating their 21st anniversary this August. Over the years, the festival has grown monumentally in stature, and since 2016, has hosted separate 'Steel Yard' events across UK locations, including London and Liverpool. The Steel Yard, an iconic dome-shaped

Since forming at the 2016 Creamfields event, when the likes of Marshmello and Jack Ü headlined the arena on the Saturday evening of the weekend festival, the Steel Yard has become a venue synonymous with dance mega-brand, Cream. The dome-shaped structure, made entirely of reinforced metal, has proved a revolutionary venue in UK dance culture, independently hosting events across the British Isles