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Regularly teasing the production of his updated Cube Stage design and its graphics, Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a Deadmau5, is as masterful at studio musical production, as he is with its visual accompaniments. Following the release of his 'W:/2016ALBUM/.', and the announcement of his pending 'lots of shows in a row' tour, Deadmau5 is continuing the development of his iconic stage set up. Prompting both

It’s been six years since Deadmau5' seminal 4x4=12, and four years since Joel Zimmerman's follow up, Album Title Goes Here — gaps of time that can feel more like an eternity within the electronic music landscape. Now, at long last, the mastermind has returned, wielding a mononymous album, intending to challenge the ephemeral character of the “EDM boom” that took place over the course of the last years. Enter W:/2016ALBUM. Deadmau5 is acutely aware