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What better way to enter the summer than to celebrate with our sixteenth edition of House Music Essentials and let us tell you this month is truly stacked. Featuring top-tier artists San Pacho, KC Lights, Tony H, Josh Kwon, Isaac Palmer, Besomorph, Scott Rill, andrei, Tones, Purple Tones, Chris Costello, TWO LANES, Cuebrick, TeKNoNo, Martial Simon, Sak Noel, and Mike & Me. The perfect house remedy as we take on festival season, be

Under the Armada Trice label, Jochen Miller of the Netherlands, and Cuebrick, come together to create a beautifully mastered progressive house track. "In the Dark" was released Monday featuring a soothing melody and stunning vocals to accompany it. DJ Jochen has developed his unique sound around the tech, trance, and progressive house sub-genres of dance music. Jochen got his start at the early