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It's a long-term legal dispute that stretches back years - Jeffery Sutorius first split from trance music group Dash Berlin in June 2018, before later announcing he'd be returning to use the Dash Berlin name as a solo project in a rather complex situation that at times was hard to keep track of. Now, in a message posted on his

Dash Berlin is back with yet another dazzling progressive banger in 'Souls Of The Ocean', moving the number of his 2020 releases into double figures. As his 10th original record of the year, 'Souls Of The Ocean' offers bright and colourful melodies, complimenting a wholesome vocal that drives forward another stunning example of Jeffrey Sutorius' work. The progressive house single brings

2000: Delerium - ‘Silence’ (Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix) Look up the dictionary definition of ‘timeless’ and you’ll probably find a photo of the ‘Silence’ cover staring back at you. Released at the turn of the century when trance ruled the electronic world, this Delerium classic was instantly popped in the ‘legendary’ folder as soon as the rich vocals

The headlines could not be ignored. In 2018, news broke worldwide of an intense and seemingly complex legal battle involving the use of the ‘Dash Berlin’ name. The iconic group, led - in a touring capacity - by the ‘frontman’ of the collective, Dutch DJ Jeffrey Sutorius, were now going their separate ways, with Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn (founding

Almost a year ago, the official return of Dash Berlin took place at his performance at Ultra Europe 2019. In this new era, the project is comprised only of Jeffrey Sutorius, after the end of the legal dispute with the former members of the group, which resulted in a one-year hiatus. Dash Berlin is one of the most established projects in the modern

The debut edition of ALDA and Insomniac's exciting SAGA Festival is approaching quickly, and the entire world is waiting in anticipation. In June, some of the biggest acts will gather with massive crowds in Bucharest, Romania for a weekend of non-stop fun. Recently, SAGA hosted a launch party in Bucharest to show more of a glimpse into the mysterious world of this new festival. It showed more

Ultra Music Festival is finally returning to its home location, Bayfront Park, in its hometown of Miami, FL. Breathtaking views onto Biscayne Bay, the iconic scenery of downtown Miami and the stages right in-between, and the whole music industry in one place for Miami Music Week. To celebrate their return into Bayfront Park, Ultra just announced their Phase 2 Lineup after already announcing a massive Phase

After a long and hard-fought legal battle, Jeffrey Sutorious has gained control over the Dash Berlin social media accounts. As a result of the feud, Sutorious is now taking full control of the brand, while other founding members; Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg, have each parted their own ways, as they embark on their own respective projects. In light of the situation, Sutorious recently took

Almost a year before, post the string of cancellation of live shows the differences between the founding members of the legendary trance group started to surface. In June 2018, Dash Berlin's frontman Jeffrey Sutorius took to his socials to highlight alleged mismanagement from Dash Berlin’s other founding members, Eelke Kalberg, and Sebastiaan Molijn as well as the Vanderkleij Agency which took care

In an attempt to go beyond the recent struggles and drama around his former Dash Berlin persona, Dutch DJ, performer and producer Jeffrey Sutorius is back to the chart with his first-ever solo release. The last few months have seen Eelke Kalberg and Sebastian Molijn, the other two members of the Dash Berlin persona, stuck in conflict with Jeffrey over the moniker's rights -

After confirming new music in 2019, Dash Berlin finally teased their first release since their split from Jeffrey Sutorius. The former trio is best-known for catchy-trance tunes such as 'Till The Sky Falls Down' and 'Heaven' feat. Do. For those who don't know, or might have forgotten, the former trio of Dash Berlin, Jeffrey Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastian Molijn went through a battle for the name of Dash

Dealing with the legal ramifications of their fall out with former frontman Jeffrey Sutorius, Dash Berlin, now consisting of members Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, have begun to distance themselves even further from their former partner. While both sides are currently taking all the action necessary to go their own directions outside of their ensuing legal battle, the duo recently posted a video at the turn