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Considered by many as one of the best electronic dance music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland has evolved, transformed and ultimately become one of the most powerful forces in the electronic music industry. From creating different versions of the main festival like Tomorrowland Winter, having opened a Music and Arts school in Nepal and premiered its very own radio station, One World Radio,

In the depths of the underground where the raucous and darker sounds flourish, Dave Clarke is a name synonymous with the digital music revolution as his sounds excite many. A preacher of vision to techno with a futurist mind, always pushing forward he has a deep understanding and reverence for the music he not only produces, but develops. Evolving with the technology, his

Two key tracks from Dave Clarke's album Devil's Advocate have been remixed and ready to drop for this year's Record Store Day [April 22]. The tracks 'The Wolf' and 'Way Of Life' get a fresh sound from IMF Boss Marcel Fengler and Octave One. It comes ahead of the timely re-release of Dave Clarke's album later this year. Berghain resident Marcel Fengler tackles 'The Wolf'. Through many EP's and a full-length on Ostgut Ton, Fengler proves his ability yet again