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'Born Digital' is the culmination of Pretty Pink's career to date, encapsulating the uplifting and melodic identity of her sound. Pretty Pink's journey into the world of electronic music began some time ago. About fifteen years ago, the German artist swapped the athletics track for the DJ booths almost by accident. Her beginnings were gentle and discreet, but her volatile nature

The iconic duo Kx5 has announced their debut album, which is self-titled, will be released on March 17th, 2023. Kx5 (consisting of Kaskade and deadmau5) has had a chokehold on dance-music lovers recently with their triumphant return that has had fans from all over the electronic dance-music spectrum rejoicing.  After introducing the new group back in March of 2022 with their

Malaa took to social the other day to announce his debut album 'Don Malaa'.  It's been a long time coming for the G-House, ski-mask-wearing DJ/producer, but we're so happy it's finally coming. The Pardon My French artist has been a household name when it comes to some of the most infectious drops the stages have ever heard including his 2016 hit

At last. Finally, the most desired date is finally known. Swedish House Mafia have announced that their long-awaited album 'Paradise Again' will be released on April 15, via Republic Records. Given the impact that Swedish House Mafia have had on the industry and the trio's contribution to the history of electronic music, it's hard to believe they've never released a full-length.

Rising stars SMR LVE (pronounced summer love) have been making waves within the electronic dance industry in recent times, releasing one fire track after the other. Looking to take their success one step further, the progressive house and trance duo have just released their debut album titled ’To The Stars.’ Featuring a track-list of 15 songs, the Canadian DJ’s/producers have worked

Belgian prodigy Maxim Lany has shared his long-awaited debut album. 'Closer (You're Not Alone)' is a little box of surprises divided into ten fantastic tracks, officially out via Armada Electronic Elements. Maxim Lany is a major figure in Belgian dance music but his magic has spread to the rest of the globe. Endowed with an unprecedented emotion and passion for music,

AREA21 has announced that their debut album will be out this Fall. It's no news that legendary DJ/producer Martin Garrix and hip-hop producer Maejor have joined forces to bring to life the collaborative group AREA21. Earlier this month, AREA21 released their debut single 'La La La' from their highly anticipated debut album. After the release of the new single, there was