Devil Tag

A magical collaboration was born when KSHMR teamed up with Swedish DJ/producer KAAZE, signed at Revealed Recordings, to create their new single 'Devil Inside Me' featuring the beautiful vocals of KARRA. The brand new track was released on Friday under KSHMR"s record label, Dharma Worldwide. Niles Hollowell-Dhar, the American-Indian DJ and producer has been part of the music industry for an

Progressive house talent Cash Cash joined forces with Busta Rhymes, B.O.B., and Neon Hitch to bring us their forthcoming track "Devil". Leaving their signature melodic upbeat tone behind, they have branched into the trap genre and some in-your-face hip-hop with this new piece. Some may even say that "Devil" is boarder line "Yellow Claw" style. With the enchanting vocals of Neon Hitch and