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Tomorrowland has pioneered innovation after innovation from fantasy-land stages, immersive festival experiences, a personal currency, and magnificent art installations. Hence, there's no surprise that they refused to let 2020 ruin their plans. This year, we won't be able to buy food with 'Pearls,' but instead, we've been granted behind the scenes access to the creation of Tomorrowland's first-ever complete digital

There is nothing quite like a live rave, but can the same experience be replicated online? Early successes in other sectors of the music industry have caught the eye of electronic music producers, who have reacted by producing live-streamed DJ sets to get partygoers raving from their living rooms. Initial reactions to these events have been so promising that some people

In the midst of the pandemic, the EDM genre is becoming more popular on online platforms. We explained how major artists and promoters are entering the digital world with innovative festivals and live streams to cater to the demands of ravers. In addition, virtual reality (VR) is now playing a key role in music festivals as social distancing measures continue.

Tomorrowland has taken to Instagram to announce an addition to 'Tomorrowland: Around The World' called 'Inspiration Sessions'. 'Inspiration Sessions' will be available to all viewers throughout the duration of 'Around The World' and will feature talks and showcases of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in all fields. Some of the speakers include Ben Francis, the Founder of Gymshark,

Ever since Tomorrowland published a mysterious social media countdown, speculation has been rife, with many eager to predict the announcement prior to its release. Today, the secret has finally been revealed, as Tomorrowland announces a brand new concept; Tomorrowland Around The World. Tomorrowland Around The World is not simply a digital festival, it is a unique experience that will employ a