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Parisian duo Thibault and Adrien, also known as Digitalz, have been making serious waves in the electronic scene lately. Getting ready to release their debut album onto the world, they are continuing the album rollout with brand-new track 'Miss Me'. Previous tracks such as 'Beg For It' or 'Invisible' showcase their impressive genre-bending skills. Certainly a force to be reckoned with, the pair who have been releasing together since mid-2017

France has been a hotbed of great musical minds, especially when it comes electronic music, now with the extraordinary French duo, Digitalz contributing yet again to that talent pool with their brand new single 'Beg For It'. It comes as the third lead single off of their upcoming full-length album which we can hopefully listen to this summer. Following the release of 'Ritual'

A group of producers from Paris has now begun to establish its place within the ever-growing electronic music scene. Known as Digitalz, these upcoming talents have recently released their inaugural single that has evidently received a vast amount of support from listeners around the world. Titled “Don’t Need You”, this track effectively showcases the music prowess Digitalz possess and certainly kicks