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As the metaverse continues to grow and expand, one platform is looking to utilize the technology to deliver incredible music and digital experiences to audiences around the world.  DiscoverFeed has been a leader in engaging audiences with this concept and launching experiences that will no doubt help shape the future of the music and web3 industries. For their latest event, DiscoverFeed

Joining the current hype that revolves around music and the metaverse, Afrojack has been announced as the latest act to perform both in the real world and virtually, during DiscoverFeed's third digital event surrounding their remarkable concept. Expanding their network on a constant level, DiscoverFeed are well and truly cementing the link between the real and the digital world, as this

Following the release of the world's first digital twin metaverse business, DiscoverFeed have just announced the date for the second virtual show of this futuristic alternative. Joining the latest hype that revolves around the fusion of both the real and the digital world, psy-trance sensations Vini Vici will be providing fans alike with what is set to be one of