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We all like to watch movies and series. Each of us has our favourite genres, series, episodes, actors and even directors. It's the same with music - we have one or several favourite genres & sub-genres, a list of the most-liked artists, club venues, festivals, and labels. What if we found one, or in fact 6, connections between these two worlds?

The Belgian DJ and producer Koen Bauweraerts better known as Coone has just released a powerful remix of Carnage and Nazaar' hard bass track 'Blitzkrieg'. This big edit is out now via Heavyweight Records / EMPIRE. After a tough 2018 , on late-July 2019 we witnessed the return of Carnage after overcoming his mental health issues that kept him away from the stages. That time, Papi

Not usually a name you would associate with the sub-genre, but Carnage has taken to his official Twitter account to announce his intentions to try his hand at techno music. When you think of Carnage, you'll usually envisage trap music, big room sounds and upbeat party vibes. But now the American DJ and rapper has declared his intention to produce a monster