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Returning with another Future Bass hit is 17-year-old Dropstadamus. Teaming up with fellow Indian producer Shivam Bhatia and French duo, DUALL, the three acts combined to deliver their latest single, 'Touch Your Body'. With each artist holstering a unique set of skills, the four producers came together and have successfully show-off their production skills in their latest release. A flashy Pop/Future Bass tune,

After teaming up with New Dehli's Dropstradamus for an exhilarating single last year, Up High (a.k.a George Koutalidis) is going solo on his latest single, 'Don't Matter'. Taking a step back from the Future Bass world, Koutalidis delivers a brand-new, uplifting Future House anthem. After the intro, the track begins with a pitched-down vocal and low-pass filtered piano, with the quick introduction of

It's no secret that Big Room in India is booming right now. India even held its first Ultra event, earlier this month. Now, some of the best producers in the world are coming out of India. Namely, Dropstadamus. The 17-year old recently collaborated on an earth-shattering Big Room track 'Arcane' with close friend Manson, who hails from Greece. Dropstadamus' signature Big Room sound

Some of India's brightest young talents have recently joined forces to create a massive electro house record. Rave & Crave, Dropstadamus, and Mu5e all collaborated with each other to produce the powerful "Chakra", which is set to take over the main stage of any future music festival. Rave & Crave have been two of New Delhi's finest products especially with the success