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Finding it hard to concentrate on your assignment at hand? Have a deadline dissertation, or have to write a research paper but can’t focus enough to finish it on time? Don’t worry; all you need to do is get some good pair of headphones, plus them in, and play electronic music to help you concentrate! What? Surprise to hear that electronic

For many gamers, discovering the soundtrack to an upcoming release is as satisfying as learning about gameplay developments or new characters. Some games are wholly reliant on orchestral music that reflects the changing locations and emotions of the action, while others use carefully-cultivated playlists of existing tracks to provide their musical backdrop. The FIFA series is a notable exponent of the

Since the birth of modern electronic dance music in the late 80s and early 90s, the genre has transcended media, cultures, and lifestyles. It has become a true constant not only in music, but in wider pop culture. After the turn of the millennium, dance music’s appeal truly exploded, boosted by its rise in popularity outside of its traditional home in

There is no denying the legacy of The Chemical Brothers. Playing such a major role in the pioneering of today's electronic music, the duo remains one of the most iconic acts in music today. As they gear up for another full-length studio project, the pairing has just left fans with another incredible single in "We've Got To Try." Unleashing the fourth

In the wake of the news that Apple is shutting down iTunes come March 2019, it's worth reflecting on the platforms we used to listen to and discover music. Spotify and Apple Music are leading the charge in this regard, having transformed the music landscape considerably and altered the way in which people consume music. Streaming services have risen prominently

Scotland isn't particularly known for having a wealth of electronic music artists. Though the country is small and often overshadowed by its neighbours England, it does have one export that is most likely the country's most well known citizens. Adam Wiles began producing over 10 years ago now, but since then has gone on to conquer the world of electronic, chart,

It's been just a few days since the guys over at Electric Forest announced that the 2016 edition of the festival will be held in Rothbury , Michigan from 23rd of June through 26th and it seems like you won't be able to dress up exactly to your liking. Out of respect for the American Indian community, American Indian headdresses will not

Considering the rise of electronic dance music over the past decade, having a museum dedicated to EDM or even two, would come as no surprise. Two museums dedicated specifically to electronic music will open doors in Germany by 2017. The first one is set to open doors in Berlin as planned by Dimitri Hegemann, founder of one of the legendary Tresor