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Acclaimed Norwegian electronica artist Metaspion has dropped his new single 'Pyros' (feat Skam R' Tist). Metaspion is known for fusing folk, EDM and other genres in intriguing ways as evidenced on his 2018 full-length release Folktronica Schmolkfonika. Explaining his creative process on the singe, Metaspion explains: "It was a "wow!" moment when I first put an 808 kick over a Hardanger fiddle

Ukranian Singer/Producer Jackie Faraoui has delivered yet another spectacular Pop/Electronica record titled 'Single Girls'. Based in Greece, Faraoui writes and produces all her music and has built a respectable catalog of music over the past 2 months. Her latest single is a culmination of all her hard work. The track opens with a lighthearted pluck synth and chords, before introducing a dark, brooding

Following universal praise for their previous releases and a period of assiduous studio hibernation, East London duo 'Equals' have announced their highly-anticipated single; 'Letter To Leave' as part of their debut album, ‘1997’. Consisting of songwriter James Low and singer Ade Omotayo, the duo are 21st-century modernists with rhythm, blues and modular synthesis; transfixed by creating beatific yet deeply meaningful music. 'Letter To

Hailing from the outskirts of the Electronica - 'the Dark Side of Electronic Music' as he would say - is Italian artist Claudio Taglieri, who is better known by his artist name, Fernweher. The Dublin based record producer is committed to plying his craft in such a manner that his output embodies the idea behind his artist name - in German,

40 years after the release of his first Oxygene album, the father of electronica Jean-Michel Jarre announced the release of Oxygene 3 later on this year. The release date for this masterpiece is set for December 2nd, 2016 and will present 7 new continuations of Oxygene, from part 14 until part 20. The 4 decades journey is the most consistent example

One of the most highly acclaimed duos in electronic music, the American group ODESZA have revealed that they're working on their third studio album and the follow up to the massively praised "Summer's Gone" and 2014's "In Return". After making huge waves in the scene with hits such as Say my Name and Bloom, anything the duo has touched has turned to

Curlyand is a name that will undoubtedly gain more prominence in the very near future. This upcoming producer’s journey within the industry has recently been born after releasing a beautiful ambient track titled “Her Glance”. Hailing from Poland, Curlyand should be able to garner more attention from fans around the world if he continues to craft high-quality content such as

Jean-Michel Jarre has come to be one of the most revered and powerful producers today. With a host of releases and projects already bolstering his wide spread success,  Electronica Part 1 comes out on top. Previously being worked under the title E-Project, Jarre showcases his eclectic styles and status in the music scene, by collaborating with artists like Gesaffelstein and Little Boots, along