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EpicFail has undoubtedly been one of the breakthrough artists in 2018. The trio consisting of the three friends Mike Soriano, Zaahir Maloo and Fez established themselves in the scene with tracks such as 'Flame By' in 2017. The highly melodic tune has even been released on Armada Chill. Now, the dynamic trio has released a new tune, together with singer Baer from South Korea - 'Neon Lights'! Just like the three stated in an

Up and coming electronic music group EpicFail have crashed 2018 with their unique sound and musical fervor. The trio made up friends, Mike Soriano, Zaahir Moloo, and Fez have stormed unto the scene by slowly establishing themselves with tunes such as 'Flame By' which debuted via Armada Chill. The trio have continued to showcase their sound through remixes and originals alike which

Highly touted up and coming electronic trio EpicFail have made major strides in the past few years. Starting their project back in 2012, the trio who met electronically via a music forum have certainly evolved over the years - including releasing tunes on iconic labels including Tiësto's former label Black Hole Recordings two to be exact. But now, fast forward to