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Eric Prydz is looking to bring his artistic vision to the United States, working to provide his iconic HOLOSPHERE production for his ever-growing American audience. Things have taken a huge step in the right direction for this to happen as the esteemed Swedish producer has just signed on with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Alongside his team, he is intending to make HOLOSPHERE more

Bad news has come in for fans of Eric Prydz's fantastic and surreal Holosphere show. According to the official announcement released, the shows will not take place this year, having been moved to 2022. This will be one of the few postponement announcements that were not caused by the contingencies of the pandemic, at least directly. Prydz was to present Holosphere

After house music originated in the 1980s in venues like Chicago’s Warehouse and New York’s Paradise Garage, it soon spread throughout the world. Today, popular genres like progressive house and electro house are played in the clubs of the US, Europe, and beyond. One country that has undoubtedly led the way in modern house music is Sweden. The Scandinavian country