Eric Prydz Presents HOLO Tag

We know very few artists that have that personality, position, character and power to become true legends for the quality of their music, their leadership in innovation, their ability to inspire multiple generations and their ability to keep their icon status over time. Those artists with the capacity to sell-out arenas gathering people from everywhere in the world while showcasing

Miami Music Week is always one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for the dance music community, as fans and artists from all over the world come together to the Miami to celebrate and share their passion for music. Now LA-based, Eric Prydz has consolidated himself as one of the most respected electronic artists, thanks to his outstanding production and live shows.

Having garnered worldwide acclaim thanks to his recent ‘HOLO’ show, Eric Prydz is best known as one of dance music’s most innovative producers. The Swede, a progressive master responsible for huge hits like ‘Opus’ and ‘Lillo’, has demonstrated his quality over many years across his Pryda and Cirez D monikers, but it was 2008’s ‘Pjanoo’ which was one of the

The true master of a wonderfully progressive style that has encapsulated fans all around the world, Swedish DJ Eric Prydz, aka Pryda, is widely considered as one of the most richly talented producers on the planet. However, one criticism that many fans aim at Eric is that he needs to release more music, considering the amount of delicious sounding IDs

A true production genius, Swedish maestro Eric Prydz has stunned crowds for many years under his various aliases, including Cirez D and Pryda. And now, the 'Opus' producer has excited his worldwide fanbase with the upcoming release of a brand new 4-track EP. The production will be released via his Pryda moniker, and follows his last Pryda release, the mighty 2017