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Tastemaker Ethan Marx has been making a name for himself as a music producer consistent on delivering high quality and detail-attentive tracks. Only at the end of last year did Ethan release his mind-blowing majestic music piece titled 'Dusk's Curse' showcasing a combination of melodies, atmospheric breaks, and revitalising synths. There is no doubt the LA-based artist was destined to thrive in

Up-and-coming producer Ethan Marx has showcased his undeniable talents once again with another majestic musical piece. Continuing his success, Marx has released the ambient new track titled "Dusk's Curse", which is now available for a free download. "Dusk's Curse" opens up with a combination of soothing melodies and striking piano chords. Altogether, the rejuvenating sequence builds up in intensity until a surge

LA Based producer Ethan Marx has just released his latest single in the form of 'Say Goodbye' - a track that will no doubt progress his career in the right direction. Hot off the success of his recent hit 'Every Feeling is a Place', an ambient masterpiece with an electro twist that gathered over 20,000 streams online, he keeps up

Ethan Marx proves his creativity and versatility in music production once again with the release of another incredible track. This time around, the American artist presents an ambient masterpiece in the form of "Every Feeling is a Place". Based from Los Angeles, Ethan Marx is an upcoming producer every electronic music fan should keep an eye out for. Since entering the