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Due to the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine right now, Russia has been denied participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The European Broadcasting Union announced yesterday that “The decision reflects concern that, in light of the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine, the inclusion of a Russian entry in this year’s Contest would bring the competition into disrepute.” You can read the

Dutch DJ Afrojack was selected by Eurovision Song Contest to perform for the competition’s Grand Final this year. The Eurovision Grand Final performance for the competition will be set to take place at the Rotterdam Ahoy venue mainly performed by Afrojack but also  other multiple artists. Announced on the international competition's official website, the final act will consist of two parts,

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most fun events to ever happen to Europe (and now Australia since their inauguration into the event). Since 1956, it's been a fun, all-singing affair and many people gather to have parties, celebrating the wonderful and wacky talent of those representing our country. It's arguably the biggest yearly televised event in Europe, so it