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Adopting the moniker Everfish, Ryan Fish is a San Francisco-based artist who is looking to make a change in the electronic scene with his musical talent and stunning original productions. What is totally unique about him as an artist is that he never fails on creating a story within his music, and it's one of the things that drives his productions

When it comes to employing his guile and craft to conjure an impressive production, San Francisco based producer Ryan Fish is as good as any budding producer. Donning the veil of his Everfish persona, the American producer recently released 'Odyssey', which is supposed to be the title track of an upcoming multi-genre EP from his production desk. The release of

While it is always extremely tough to break rhythm with the mainstream, San Francisco based producer Ryan Fish has been attempting to break barriers with the epical nature of his productions. Better known by the Everfish moniker he uses, the budding producer employs cinematic vibes and only the most infectious bass-lines to absolutely capture the listener's attention. While his first ever