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After taking a short break from releasing music, the mysterious, Budapest originated and Amsterdam based duo Extinct, is back with another one of their trance/electro crossover tracks. The latest release is called 'Dark Things' and the title nicely represents the vibe of the track. As their first track of 2019 it represents a new chapter on their music path, it still

Coming off the back of their 'To India' which hit platforms roughly 2 months ago, mysterious Budapest-based duo Extinct is back with yet another thumping tune entitled, 'Isle Of Nowhere.' The house inspired groove certainly differs from their last release and in flying fashion. While 'To India' echoed some culturally specific roots, that 'Isle Of Nowhere' lacks, the tunes entrancing nature

Returning after a month of silence, following their previous release 'Lose Yourself,' faceless duo Extinct has debuted another resurgent trance tune. That's right, the talented Budapest group is back with a bang featuring that signature entrancing style we've come to expect. Introducing us to the newest tune in the Extinct catalog with a gorgeous melodic intro, 'To India' is a hypnotizingly, groove-inducing track

Amidst several emerging stars in the trance genre, there are plenty of unknown trance producers who are silently strutting their stuff and Extinct is one of them. The faceless and relatively new act has come onto the scene like wildfire, making an impressive first impression with many. The music speaks for itself and if you haven't heard of Extinct (which