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There are few artists like American DJ/Producer Lane 8 (Daniel Goldstein). He commands a spiritual stage presence live and is responsible for manifesting many of the most peaceful and serene dance music tracks alive today. His summer 2018 mixtape is one of the most extensive chapters in his mixtape series yet. A true musical journey, Lane 8 takes us down

Looking for some fuel to get you through this week? We Rave You has you covered. Spanning the spectrum from Progressive Trance to Indie Dance and Tech, all of your ammunition for the next few days can be found in our weekly selections, courtesy of Spotify. With a whopping 27 tracks coming from the industries best including Calvin Harris, Merk &

After the original instrumental was such a resounding success, Felicity and Thomas Feelman's collaboration 'Together' received a vocal rehashing with some assistance from Jytte, out this Friday on Flamingo Recordings. After catching the eyes of some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry, Thomas Feelman and Felicity have been on a meteoric rise towards stardom. After his electric collaboration

When two rising stars join forces in the studio, the results are often far greater than anyone may have expected. And Felicity's collaboration 'Together' with Thomas Feelman is no different, and has just been released on Flamingo Recordings. Yet another gifted Swedish producer, Felicity has been making a name for himself through a range of exceptional remixes, most notably for Manse's 'Freeze Time' remix

Emerging from the ever competitive Swedish dance music scene, young talent Felicity is back with his latest progressive single ‘iDance’ on recent blog turned label BMD Ψ Friends. After having gained support from some of the industry’s leading artists such as Nicky Romero, Tom Swoon, StadiumX, Thomas Gold and more, the 20 year old Swede continues to advance further into industry and has made