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Legendary French electronic music duo Daft Punk might be providing the official soundtrack for the upcoming planned third Tron sequel film. This is what has been leaked recently on the weekly podcast Light The Fuse; a radio show about the American action series MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. In order to go deep in detail about the movies and old TV shows, the podcast interviews personalities

As one of the most incredibly talented music producers in the industry, you can count on Deadmau5 to produce some of the most spectacular tracks that captivate all types of music lovers and beyond. A pioneer of electronic dance music itself, the DJ makes sure to never pull short on any productions he delivers to the music community, always leaving fans wanting more. While

Canadian DJ/producer deadmau5 has taken to Instagram to give fans a sneak preview of his debut film score. As all fans know, deadmau5, a.k.a Joel Zimmerman, is constantly pushing boundaries and trying new things. After all, music is art, and art is all about experimentation, hence why his new project shouldn't come as a surprise. In the Instagram post below, he shows a short