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Exploring his journey with mental health issues and balancing music production into his day to day life, TATE SEDAR captivates with the release of 'Find a Way.' Returning with the most emotive of production(s), TATE SEDAR has just blessed fans alike with his latest release, entitled 'Find A Way.' Portraying a message of hope and understanding, the LA-based DJ/producer offers us

Coming off the back of the emotional 2014 album "With You", Australian/Serbian producer Dirty South has been on top form, with a string of main stage sets around the globe and the astonishing single premiered during his Ultra Miami set, "Find a Way". To celebrate Halloween and the release of the live video for "Find a way", Mr. Roganović released an

Dirty South has become renowned for going beyond the confines of the electronic music genre, and touching the reaches of live instrumental music - music riddled with emotion, melody and power. One of his most recent hits left an indelible mark on the industry. With vocals that complement the existing uplifting atmosphere and lyrical themes and synths that ride high on the warmth radiated,