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Marshmello has rapidly risen to the top of the music industry in a span of five years. Today, the icon does not only hold a spot on Forbes Richest Celebrities list, but has acquired millions of followers around the world through his feel-good production style which supports his vision to spread love and positivity across the globe. Don't get me wrong, those

Renowned Italian DJ and producer Deborah De Luca returns to captivate techno aficionados with her latest release 'As Wid As You Wanna Be.' The techno queen returns to release this groovy track off of her upcoming album 'She Sleeps.' Label boss of Sol_mente, Deborah De Luca, delivers a track that is filled with groove. The signature hard-hitting kick workes seamlessly with the

Krewella have proven that anything is possible by devoting consistent time and energy into your craft. As the sisters Jahan and Yasmine largely credit their multi-ethnic background for their diversified tastes in music today, these producers accomplishments go off the table which include being featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List in music. From surprising a few lucky fans with a private performance in

Every year, Forbes releases its 30 under 30 coverage, putting the spotlight on young people who are currently succeeding in their respective fields. This year's list included mysterious masked producer Marshmello, who according to Forbes has earned $44 million over the course of two years. His anonymous identity has no doubt aided him in his climb to success, and despite speculation

"Who is Marshmello?" is a question we can finally answer, thanks to a detail caught by Forbes: and the answer is none other than Dotcom. The business publication discovered song royalties for the single 'Silence' attributed to one name, Chris Comstock, who goes by Dotcom as his unmasked alias. Marshmello is not mentioned on the listing whatsoever, nor is Khalid whose vocals

Forbes Magazine has just officially released their annual list of the ten DJs who make more money than anyone else in the electronic dance music scene. The list includes almost all of the DJs you would expect to sit at the pinnacle such as Calvin Harris, Skrillex, and Martin Garrix. For an incredible fifth year in a year, Calvin Harris comes