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Electronic dance music is a style that focuses on beats and sound, creating the perfect tracks for people to dance to. Electronic music is, of course, heavily based on synthetic sounds and can often be heard at a rave. Edm often focuses on trying to make people dance, and songs are created with the intention of making an intense dance

It is well known that without music, video games, movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment would just look awkward and the whole atmosphere would feel empty. That is why the entertainment industry heavily relies on it to create an atmosphere, infuse some emotion, and feel into the scenes delivering something that consumers can immerse in and relate to.

In today’s digital landscape, the ways in which we engage and interact with media has changed dramatically in the past decade. Due to a series of technological advancements, we tend to watch movies and television shows on our laptops and listen to music and playlists on our phones. With traditional forms of media traversing domains, gaming-related music playlists have exploded

For whatever reason, electronic dance music and video games go together like wine and cheese—if you like one, chances are you like the other, but it stands to reason that if you’re playing a first-person shooter, you want it to include music to get you hyped. electronic music artists are getting more and more involved in the video game community, including

The rapid development of technologies in the 1970s led to a significant change in the gaming industry. It became more diverse and vivid thanks to improved audio and video and started gaining fans at an enormous speed. We believe that music is one of the main factors which make gaming the most popular pastime. Just look at the market: when you

Are you the kind of person that has favorite films purely because of their soundtrack, or goes to one shop over another because you prefer the playlist? If you are then you've got to sort out your video game collection because there are some games with soundtracks that will blow your mind. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 became the playlist

Music, with specific regard to electronic dance music (EDM) and the online gaming industry, has a long and interesting history. While a lot of older games still use chiptune, the use of actual soundtracks has become increasingly popular. Games now have an original score or use popular music as the background to the game. This has provided an additional source

At first glance, you’d expect that it’d be obvious that gaming and electronic music, with both being rooted in the world of technology and impacted by the advancements in this area. However, it’s not often that the two are widely recognized as intrinsically and inexplicably linked with one another, despite their obviously similar origins. To understand why the two are, and

Games wouldn’t quite be the same without music! Well, it takes a lot of combined effort from arrangers, producers, musicians, composers and engineers to create some of the top video games around. No wonder, video game soundtracks are one of the most exciting areas of contemporary music.  That said, which video game soundtracks stand a cut above those ever made? Below,

Because of the pandemic, gaming was one of the few industries that grew in 2020. Experts predict that video gaming will be the next Hollywood and Netflix in the entertainment world, hence rapid gamification of basically everything. Online music streaming, another industry that benefited from the 2020 lockdown, realizes gamers’ growing influence. So, here’s Spotify’s list of genres that gamers

For many gamers, discovering the soundtrack to an upcoming release is as satisfying as learning about gameplay developments or new characters. Some games are wholly reliant on orchestral music that reflects the changing locations and emotions of the action, while others use carefully-cultivated playlists of existing tracks to provide their musical backdrop. The FIFA series is a notable exponent of the