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Following the recent departure of Daft Punk from the music industry, supporting fans from around the world have sent in their tributes for the electronic pair, but one YouTuber, in particular, has bid farewell with a special and extremely talented gesture. Korean YouTuber 차커 Chaco is known for creating music with a channel dedicated to covering some of the world's most famous songs and

Following yesterday's sad news that Daft Punk are set to call it quits, we've been looking back into the pantheons at the legacy of great productions crafted by the legendary duo. The French pairing, who started releasing in 1993, were famed for their albums such as 'Homework', 'Discovery', and later, 'Random Access Memories', winning multiple GRAMMY awards in the process.

In 2013, Daft Punk released their fourth studio album called ‘Random Access Memories’, which featured one of their best-selling singles titled “Get Lucky”. Featuring the vocals of American artist Pharrell Williams and guitars from Nile Rodgers, this major hit has just hit its 4-year anniversary and in celebration, let us relive the track and all of the memories we have