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On his birthday (July 15), Porter Robinson announced that plans for forthcoming album 'Nurture' would resume again, and announcements would shortly follow. The first announcement to come was the release of Anamanaguchi's 'Get your Wish' remix, and now a brand new remix from DJ Not Porter Robinson (hmm, we wonder who that could possibly be?) has just been released as part of a remix package. Playing it out in his Secret

Since his virtual event Secret Sky two months ago, Porter Robinson has been very quiet, and has been especially close-lipped about his upcoming album 'Nurture' since it's announcement in January this year. But yesterday, Robinson sent fans into a frenzy when he tweeted earlier this week that; "Nurture was on pause for a bit, but stuff will start happening again tomorrow

Porter Robinson has just teased news of his newest anticipated album 'Nurture'.  'Nurture' will be Robinson's second studio album since his debut album 'Worlds Remixed' in 2015.  Throughout the year, Robinson has released two singles from the album entitled 'Get Your Wish' and 'Something Comforting'.  While there is no official release date for the album, Robinson tweeted that he will

Porter Robinson has just teased a brand new track, likely called 'Look at the Sky', at his virtual event Secret Sky Music Festival that took place this past Saturday. Becoming a showcase for his next upcoming album 'Nurture', this might be his next and third release after 'Get Your Wish' and 'Something Comforting' In order to cheer all his followers up,

The release of Porter Robinson latest track, and the accompanying visuals, couldn't have come at a better time. It seems whenever you listen to one of Porter's tracks your mood is instantly lifted, which is exactly what we all need right now in light of the situation surrounding COVID-19. Appropriately titled, 'Something Comforting', the track is Porter Robinson at his finest,

Dropping the bombshell on fans not long ago, Porter Robinson announced his new album 'Nurture' due for release some time this year (specific date to be specified shortly), and his fan base - and fellow producer friends in the industry - almost broke the internet going crazy with excitement for another new album cycle for the first time since 'Worlds' way back in 2014. Along with

It's been quite a few years since we have had new music from Porter Robinson. Of course, we've had the Virtual Self side project but    since 'Shelter' with Madeon and the 'Worlds' album in 2014, that is all we've had but that's all about to change this year. In a Tweet posted by Porter himself, he has just dropped some information that has shaken the entire electronic music world up.