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Multi-instrumentalist and music producer Zedd has taken to his social media to show the other side of the story about Tesla's autopilot feature. In some concerning events that have unfolded in recent times, Tesla, the multinational corporation that specialises in electric cars, has been under fire with some bad press about its autopilot feature crashing in the cars which have the

While speculation has quelled over the circumstances and manner of Avicii's death, his passing has been a catalyst for many artists to speak out and battle their demons. While many of your favorite artist's lifestyles seem overtly glamorous and wholesome, to plenty of others it's an extremely lonely and dark path that is never accurately portrayed. Mental health concerns are

Central New Jersey's own Chris Doherty has just unveiled a hard-hitting and electrifying mashup perfectly suited for any club or festival environment. For his new release, Doherty mashed up fellow American DJ Ghastly's bass-heavy single "If Ur Listening" with Swiss music producer Stantraxxs' heart-pumping tune "Don't Stop". The mashup blends together elements from electronic music sub-genres such as trap, bass house, and

It's safe to say 2016 was one of the biggest years for electronic music, period. With that, there were some artists who obviously stood out against their counterparts. The Redlight Management gang has been at the top of the industry since 2016, and now with the most recent sign of Julian Scanlan, better known by his stage name Slushii, they seem