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The well-known Italian duo Giolì & Assia, producers behind the tracks; “Habibi”, “Feel Good” and “Inside Your Head” - just released a brand-new single to boost the weekend, called “Hands On Me”.  “Hands On Me”, composed of deep kick, emotion-driven piano chords, and groovy percussion, packed in an elegant 122 BPM track that moves the listener's body on the beat

With the vast part of 2020’s event calendar obliterated by the ominous Coronavirus pandemic, partying has shifted to a new, virtual experience that has been widely accepted and appreciated. This extends beyond your standard DJ sets to an array of creative electronic performances that have pushed the boundaries on every level. However, for some artists, these types of innovative and

Continuing to transcend musical boundaries, Giolì & Assia have arrived with yet another serene release in 'For You', out now under label heavyweights Ultra Music. Giolì & Assia are fast establishing themselves as one of the most influential duos on the electronic scene with their unique approach to productions and performances. Returning with more, soulful new music in 'For You', the multi-talented Italian