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Avicii left a lasting impact on the world with his music. He changed lives and connected hearts across the globe. Every year, people of all different cultures celebrate his life in various ways. In one of the coolest gestures to celebrate Avicii's 32nd birthday, Google has put together a doodle on their front page honoring the global superstar DJ. The doodle

Do you remember this song whose melody you know by heart, but you have no idea what its name is or who is the artist? This problem in his life has, or will be experienced by each of us - probably more than once. The technology is developing at an alarming pace, and the best example of this so far

On April 20th, earlier this year, the electronic dance music scene was shocked to hear the passing of arguably dance music's biggest and most talented artist of current times. To get an idea of the magnitude Swedish music producer Avicii had not only on the electronic dance music scene but globally around the world, the late DJ was the second most searched for

Parisian-duo and legendary act Justice have announced a new album arriving August 24th, 2018. The album entitled 'Woman Worldwide' will rework some of their classics and hits from their previous album 'Woman'. The announcement of their album comes following their performance at Google's I/O conference in the capital of entertainment, California. It also follows the duo's most recent release entitled

Talk about taking your passion to the next level as the music producer and king of the tropical house Kygo has teamed up with multinational technology company Google to create a smart speaker. The new product called 'Kygo B9/800' allows you to listen to your favourite tropical beats in crystal clear sound, but thanks to Google, the tech giants have created a voice-activated and built-in AI assistant

2017's end has seen all sorts of analytics, facts and figures released, summarizing the year that was. After Marshmello was revealed as iTunes' 3rd-highest-selling male artists, followed by The Chainsmokers being revealed as Spotify's most-streamed EDM act, now comes Google's list of most searched songs, artists and albums of 2017. With mainstream artists dominating the list, not a single EDM act makes an

Influential for their YouTube channel and streaming live music sessions around the globe in over 100 cities, Boiler Room have taken the next step in online music broadcasting. Teaming up with tech giants Google, the pair is bringing the underground dancefloors to users through virtual reality. A virtual reality experiment called 'VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin' allows users unprecedented access to the underground club culture offering a unique experience.

Dutch superstar Armin van Buuren has been a dominant force in the dance music industry for many years, headlining major festivals and releasing worldwide hits. But, in his latest move he has surprised fans by starring in an April Fools advert by Google. The April Fools day tradition revolves around practical jokes, with several news publications releasing fake stories, some

With the overwhelming activity of music streaming platforms, and the rumoured business actions in the future, it was only a matter of time until a global technology company also joined the frenzy. Entering the market with big players such as Spotify, SoundCloud and TIDAL, it is now Facebook is is double its efforts to enter the music industry in a

With reports incoming in bulk towards the latter half of 2016 that fellow music streaming giant Spotify was looking to get their hands on Soundcloud for a acquisition price of $1 billion there was a lot of murmur as to what the future had for their Berlin based contemporary. But the deal never materialized for reasons unknown - although speculation suggests that