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It's been voted the number one club by DJ Mag in their Top 100 Clubs Poll this year (and 2018), and has been a non-mover within the top five list for years on end now. From being a local secret to a global phenomenon and one of the most in-demand clubs in the entire world, the unique Green Valley club in Camboriú, Brazil,

Assuredly one of the industry's most awaited listings, the DJ Mag has just released the 2019 edition of its list of Top 100 Clubs from around the world. The British based industry magazine has been releasing these lists since 2006 and has featured some historic names over the years, including the likes of Space, Fabric and Berghain. While the title has frequently

While DJMag's highly coveted and much awaited Top 100 DJs rankings may be the magazine's standout attraction, many still trust the brand's Top 100 Club rankings as one which is more worthy and - evidently -less controversial. Although the DJ rankings see far more participation from the fans and general public - an upward of 1 Million people vote in