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The techno realm is celebrating as a great album has been born at the hands of a major collaboration. 'Soulcatcher' is a work of art featuring 10 magnificent tracks of the finest techno produced by Gregor Tresher and Pig&Dan. This collaborative LP has been released on Truesoul, Drumcode's sub-label, and is available exclusively for streaming. Gregor Tresher and Pig&Dan are no

Gregor Tresher and Pig&Dan teamed up to deliver two high-quality techno productions on their brand-new EP ‘Challenger’. This majestic work is available to pre-order on Beatport and will be released on March 1, via Truesoul, Drumcode Records’ sub-label. Pairings of this level are always welcomed with much bliss because when two heavyweight names in techno come together, the result can only