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Pioneer DJ headphones are passing a 25-year milestone this year and 15 years of being independent of Pioneer Corporation. One of the gifts for dedicated users and fans of the company can certainly be the launching of a completely new model of headphones on the market, HDJ-CUE1. These styled DJ headphones are formed on DNA from Pioneer DJ's pro models but are ready to buy

What was that old saying? Music is like food for the soul? Amen to that! And like every person who really wants that enticing soul-food, you want to be able to truly enjoy every bit of your music. Several music-lovers want to invest in top-notch devices, but they don’t know what to purchase. This is why we've created this list to

We can all appreciate the fact that great electronic music can bring us an incredible, immersive experience that we cannot replace. Science has also proven the benefits of electronic music, including improved mood, reduced stress, lessened anxiety, improved memory, etc. There is definitely no such thing as a “wrong” way to listen to electronic music, or to any music at

Zedd has joined forces with Japanese design and engineering company Double Zero to establish his own line of headphones. On a recent Facebook post, the electronic music superstar has unveiled the look of his around-the-ear, high definition headphones. The Double Zero headphones feature a modern and polished construction with a monochrome color palette of either black or white. The headphones also