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Heavyocity Media has added a new free virtual instrument to their repertoire - FOUNDATIONS | Staccato Brass. This brass library provides musicians with an innovative way to compose brass ensembles.   Founded in 2003 as Heavy Melody Music, Heavyocity creates original music for major films, video games, and TV shows. In 2006, after establishing themselves in the industry, they launched Heavyocity Media

With the return of guitar-driven productions to the mainstream, producers will be on the lookout for high-quality samples and sound to litter their own works with.  Heavyocity is looking to fill that void with its brand-new sound library that focuses on a carefully curated collection of sounds from the six-stringed instrument. TItled Damage Guitars, this brand-new collection from Heavyocity offers producers

Virtual Instrument developer and sound design company, Heavyocity makes some of the best Kontakt instruments on the market. With beloved series ranging from orchestral sounds to guitar scoring, they've earned plaudits from composers and media alike, making a name for themselves as a leader in sound composition software. Now, one of their most sought-after products is back, bigger and better than ever