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With their third studio album, Swedish heavyweights Dada Life churn out "Our Nation". An album that has been at least 2 years coming, Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom have compiled a 12 track ensemble of some of their finest work to date. Having slipped into a rather silent limbo period in the fall of 2017 after Olle Cornéer announced his intent to take

Swedish maestros Dada Life have delivered a brand-new Electro-House track, 'Higher Than The Sun'. Combining Acid/Electro sounds with a laid-back nature, the track possesses a unique sound, captivating audiences in an instant. The duo teamed with Mick Guzauski on the track, the same guy who helped Daft Punk mix their feel-good LP 'Random Access Memories'. Speaking of albums, 'Higher Than the Sun' is a single from Dada Life's