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Galantis (real names Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw) and Hook N Sling (real name Anthony Maniscalco) have just released their brand new song 'The Best'. For the first time since their 2016 collaborative hit 'Love On Me', the trio is back with yet another uplifting collaboration including vocals from the wonderful Karen Harding, and Christian Karlsson's seven-year-old daughter's adorable debut on vocals. Prior to

Sweden's own Galantis have been taking over EDM's sound-waves since 2012 with their high energy releases and distinct production flair. With a sound catered to house music, the duo's songwriting abilities alone showcase just how strong their musical dexterity has become. Teetering between genres while putting an end to commercial sound, Galantis doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. 2014's Coachella

Los Angeles-based duo BEAUZ have lately been making their strides in the electronic scene. On their Soundcloud page in particular, these upcoming producers have remixed some well-known tracks from the past. From Oliver Heldens’ track “Shades of Grey” to Hardwell’s release “Mad World”, BEAUZ have caught the attention of many listeners with their astounding list of remixes. One of the pair’s