hot air balloon Tag

Off of his forthcoming album 'FOREVER' Don Diablo tags in AR/CO for a fun end-of-summer anthem 'Hot Air Balloon'.  With only a few weeks until the full release of the monster album, 'Hot Air Balloon' marks the 10th track released from 'FOREVER'.  Previous tracks that are already out included, 'Tears for Later' with Galantis, 'Too Much To Ask' featuring Ty

Visitors heading to Ibiza this summer are in for a treat as they look to the sky and spot Zephyr, Tomorrowland's magical hot air balloon. The balloon will be brightening up the sky over the White Island all summer long thanks to the creative team behind Tomorrowland Festival. Weighing 300kg, the hot air balloon measures 22m x 22m x 6.5 and