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After uploading a cheeky preview of 'House of Cards' to his Instagram account 2 weeks ago, fans have been eagerly waiting for KSHMR's latest tune. The track, which features American songstress Sidnie Tipton, takes an unexpected turn with its mid-tempo rhythm, as opposed to KSHMR's usual 128 bpm productions. However, the track is excellently produced nonetheless. 'House of Cards' opens with a soft grand

As one of the industry's most respected pioneers, expectations ahead of KSHMR's releases are always exceedingly high. Having made a name for himself through his diverse arsenal of releases as well as his ferocious live performances, the American DJ/Producer had garnered a massive loyal following around the world. Yesterday, he took to Instagram to preview his next smash hit, 'House

There is not much you can do but have the utmost love for KSHMR who has become a truly sensational fan-favourite over the years. From his much revered 'Secrets' to the latest hit 'Underwater', Niles Hollowell-Dhar music is a utensil of perfection and passion. But the music producer's talent does not stop there having several months back announced his new label Dharma, recently releasing