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The music producer's identity is still shrouded in mystery but one thing we know for certain is Howwler can string endless rhythms and beats together with sublime end results. Only last year the producer turned heads with a stunning EP titled 'Chapter 2', comprised of two sinister tracks both demonstrating Howwler's distinct dark and eerie sounds. Since their release, the DJ has

After tantalizing listeners and prominent industry figures with his twisted, decadent 'Chapter One.' EP, the faceless enigma Howwler has returned with a follow-up EP, 'Chapter Two.' Currently signed to Paradigm Talent Agency, Howwler is in similar company to REZZ, A-Trak and Mija, who are also signed represented by the same agency. Building on the dark, ambient aura set by its predecessor, 'Chapter Two.' ensures listeners are in for a

Mysterious producer Howwler - whose name is inspired by the wild, animal sounds used in his productions, has just released his debut EP in the form of 'Chapter One'. An incredible way to make an entrance into the music scene, the two track selection is our latest peek into Howwler's mysterious identity following his recent single '9 Times'. The opening track "Midnight" will